Typewriter manuals for download

Mat Resist was kind enough to scan and forward these manuals.  They’re in .pdf format. Enjoy.

Blickensderfer No. 5 (1896)

Corona 3

Oliver #5 Manual

Remington Rand Touch Typing Method featuring an early 50s Quietriter

Smith Corona Super-Silent, Silent and Sterling (late 40s- early 50s)

Textbook on Typewriter Repair, featuring Underwood, Royal, Smith Premier #2, Smith Premier Visible #10-11, Royal, Remington #7, Remington Blind, Remington Visible #10-11, Oliver #3 and #5, L.C. Smith, Monarch Visible, Fox Blind, Fox Visible, and various type samples

Underwood Golden Touch Manual, featuring both desk and portable models (late 50s-early 60s)

Underwood Repair Manual (1920)

Underwood Standard (1930 – #3, 4 and 5)

These are the only manuals I have.

Jay Respler of Advanced Business Machines has manuals, ribbons and things for sale.

Ernie at Office Machines Americana also has manuals, ribbons, etc. for sale.

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  1. John,

    Thanks a million! These will be fantastic! You and Mat are a very generous guys to put these on-line. I think they’ll really help me.



  2. Hi John!

    You can`t imagine my happiness after checking the repair manuals.
    Thanks a lot from the Basque Country!!


  3. Kindest regards for posting these- there’s not much information out there pertaining to some of the nitty gritty bits inside of typewriters, and these manuals have been invaluable.

  4. Does anyone have a manual for an Underwood Noiseless 77 manufactured in 1946? Or do you know of a site that has one online?? Thanks. (I am trying to help my granddaughter use my mother’s machine which is in great condition.)

  5. Thank you so much for posting these. What a marvelous help for those of us in love with our typewriters. It’s very kind of you.

  6. Thank you for sharing the manuals I could not find one for my Remington Quiet-Riter. I”m glad to see I”m not alone in using typewriters.

  7. Hello John,

    Thank you very very much for these manuals.
    With them, I’ll try to fix my 1930 Underwood n°5.
    My model is a little younger, for the bichrome ribbon shift lever is different (a little stick with a little ball at the top).
    The serial number is 3701872-5.
    Any information on this model will be welcome.

    Thanks again from france

  8. Thanks for the manuals. That is very kind of you to make these documents avaialble for download.

    I grabbed a copy of the text book on repair for now.

  9. i’ve got “Kolibri” PDF Manual
    how can i send it to your w.site?
    best regards

  10. John, you kindly offered a PDF on a Seal/210M press manual a couple of years ago. Is it still available? I just purchased one at auction and it is working but I would like to know how to care for it. I use it to dry mount my art after I have wet mounted it. Thank you for your consideration. Lillian

  11. I was wondering if anyone had a free pdf file for the Oliver No. 9 typewriter owner’s manual and service manual. I recently bought one for my Dad who is an old typewriter serviceman. I thought it would complete it for him to have the manuals too. Thanks

  12. Hello John

    I just bought an Oliver 6, and I’m very happy to find a manual for an Oliver 5, for they seem to be the same, except the number of keys.
    A little question about serial number : mine is D 8226, with azerty keyboard.
    Who could tell me which year it was made, for the Typewriter Serial Number Database gives numbers from 212000 up to 494000 for this machine.

    Thanks again from france

  13. Hello to all typewriter lovers!
    Since a month I own a Remington 10. I am desperate seeking on the Internet for a service manual, because there are some loose and or missing parts. If anyone have images from the bach side I wpuld appreciate to receive them. This is an SOS from Holland.
    Thanks in advance for your kind assistance: Jacques

  14. John,

    Thanks a lot for your generous contribution to typewritters fans.
    greetins from Barcelona (Catalonia)- Spain


  15. Hello all – I’ve just bought a Corona 3 and am in great need of the manual (and ribbon size specifics). I tried opening the PDF manual on this site but it comes up with blank pages.

    This could be something to do with my computer, I’m not sure. If someone could post a link or e-mail me another PDF copy it would be very much appreciated!


  16. !!! Muchas gracias !!!

    The first Internet site to ofer free typewriters manuals !!!
    Many thanks again.

    I will keep searching for:


  17. Need a manuel for apollo 10 typewriter please

  18. Does anyo.e knpw if and wbete i can find an operaters manuel for apollo 10 typewriter?

  19. Thanks so much for posting the manual for the Underwood No. 5. I just received this typewriter yesterday, and I’m eager to learn how it works. Cheers!

  20. Does any one have an operators manual for a royal #10 typewroter with single glass side panels

  21. Kudos! Picked up a Quiet-riter at a garage sale and it has become a great project. The Textbook is priceless!


  22. Was looking for an oliver 9 manual

  23. I have a Smith Carona Model XL 1500 that is locked up! I can’t remember the code. I can’t seem to get a manual to advise me how to do it! Can you help? Thank you.

  24. Hello.,, Could Somebody Help Me Locate a User – Owner Set – Up Manual for a S.C.M. X E – 5000 PWP.,, Please,, The Machine Types Part way across the Page and Stops Moving ,, But Keeps on Typing in the Same Spot ,, Help Needed,,,
    Thank You Very Much ,, Eddie ,,,

  25. Hello , Would any Body Be Willing to Share a Factory Service Set Up Manual for a Brother Electric Typewriter ,, Model Number #
    Silver – Reed -8750 – 8700, Please,, I Thank You for Your Time,,

  26. Thanks a lot, great work!

  27. Thank you for your manuals greatly apreciate your time. These are

  28. Need a manuel for lc smith standard typw.

  29. You just saved my bacon and my typewriter. I have an Underwood #5 and the spacebar is not working. Carriage only moves half way when released. I can see the old oil looks more like glue. I will restore it and place it at my lake cabin with the rest of the antiques. I should be placed among them soon enough though my quality would probably diminish the value of the rest of the collection.

    I think it would be quaint to let family members type up letters and postcards on an 80 year old typewriter and snailmail them home.

  30. Thanks very very very much for these manuals. Fantastic help.

  31. Thank you so very much Mr. Simmons! As a proud new owner of a roughly handled 1923 Underwood No 3, I am very grateful to you for putting these up. Hopefully with these documents I can get this Underwood back up and running.

  32. Hi I am looking for a Remington standard Typewriter Model 11 manual.

  33. Finally I found a manual for the blick! Thank you so much!

  34. Would you have a manual for Underwood 21, or Oliveti 22, same machine. thank you Steve.

  35. Hi,

    I just came across a Remington Standard SN# LK13826.
    I think it is a #10 or 10s.

    Amazingly, all the actions work. The tension is not very strong though. It can not pass the bell lever as you type to activate bell. Other than that. All intact. I need to do some maintenance on it to: Unstuck arms and levers, remove rust and dust, tighten or replace drum spring and replace ribbon. I did notice on the fix ribbon reel there is a retaining paul assembly missing (I think) Any suggestions where I can
    1. Find a pdf or hardcopy for manual for service
    2. You have a full file on this type/model.

    Best Regards,

  36. Hi John, thanks for the Oliver 5 manual will go great with my machine. Best regards Mike

  37. Great guys u have done a great work, keep it up

  38. I have a Smith Premier No.2, Serial Number 106695. I think it was manufactured in 1906. I would love to make it work again and give it to my granddaughter who is a young writer and would take good care of it. I am in Austin TX. Any suggestions on who or where to get help with restoration?

  39. Thanks for the manual. it is old but will help to run my 1969 Underwood Five.

  40. I think these manuals should help me. I have a Royal Touch Control manual typewriter and the platen will not work. Just stays to the left – it is not stuck, just can’t be used to type. Anyone help me?

  41. Anyone have a manual for the Smith Premier 10-A typewriter? I just purchased one that we are getting in working order. The rare ribbon location is giving us a headache regarding changing out the ribbon. Plus the idiosyncrasies of this amazing typewriter lead me to wanting to have a manual for operating it.




    Thanks a million, for providing these typewriter manuals.
    They are invaluable as far as information and maintenance goes.
    Your kindness is appreciated, very much.

    Knowledge is power but shared, unselfish and free knowledge is invaluable!

    F.J. Muñoz
    San Diego, California

  43. I just wanted to add my thank you to this list from other typewriter enthusiasts. I came looking for an Oliver Manual and found a treasure trove. Thank you!


  44. Hi !
    Thsi is great to see online free manuals from a peer. Yet I need to find a notice (engineering manual actually) for a Naumann Erika n.5. I struggle smehow to get it work finely; it seems to have mechanical problems to fix.
    Thanks if anyone knows where to find it !

  45. Looking for a manual for Royal desktop model HHE.

  46. I have an Adler electronic typewriter. It has no model on it. Do you have a manual giving me instructions on how to work this machine? Appreciated any help from you.

    Thank you

  47. I am looking for manual for smith corona model 365.

  48. Thanks for checking in, folks. The only manuals I have are the ones here.

  49. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! you are awesome for making the manual for the Underwood standard No. 5 so readily available. Thanks again.

  50. Mr. Simmons- Thank you very much for sharing these manuals! It is wonderful to see people willing to provide information for the benefit of others without always attaching a “profit” to it. In my own business we try to do the same since we believe the sharing of information and expanding knowledge is just as rewarding as any gain. Recently I purchased a 1922 Underwood Std 5 just for the fun of it (and to limber up my stiff fingers!) and the manuals did a lot to improve my memory on how to use one! It is much appreciated! Sincerely, Michael

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