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The Movie Star   Travelers on Atlantic Boulevard now cross the San Pablo River from Jacksonville to Atlantic Beach by way of a high rise bridge, but years ago there was a much lower bridge. Folks reached the old bridge by a causeway and a series of small bridges over the marsh. When the old [...]

Sold- Conn 10J tuba for sale thumbnail

For sale is a 1967 Conn 10J tuba – 3 upright valves, BBb.  It was clearly a former school band instrument and bears the dents and signs of bell repair from its past.  Despite the dents and half dozen one-inch bell cracks, it plays pretty well. I’m selling because I injured my arm in an [...]

There and Gone – A Photography Lesson thumbnail

It was 6:45 in the morning, and I was already more than an hour into my bus ride to work. As we rode through the old community of San Marco, I worried about my truck rather than photography. When going up a hill, such as the bridges in town, the engine spit and backfired and [...]

Damn, just damn. Dru Lombar passes away. thumbnail

Last week, I mentioned Dru Lombar. This piece about his death was first written for the JaxBeachJournal in 2005. Dru Lombar passes away. I’ve been bummed for a week – not really depressed, just feeling low. I thought it must be because of New Orleans, but I really felt that the sadness was closer than [...]

The Macon-Jacksonville Music Connection was originally written for The JaxBeachJournal back in 2002. The cities of Macon and Jacksonville linked to create a musical genre – Southern Rock. Macon’s place in the history of Rock ‘n Roll music is solid. After all, the city fathers (and mothers) could get away with promoting it as the [...]