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On Writing

Tips and hints on writing well.

Getting in Gear for the New Year

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At the end of the year, it’s time for new resolutions such as setting daily word goals and getting organized. Here are some tips for organization. 1. Download and use Scrivener. It’s advertised as a manuscript and script writing tool to replace your various word processors. The software is much more. It works for blog [...]


What does an independent writer do every day?  Amazon shares this video with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8saLenIWOY&list=PLE1Y2pbwRpkgHsia2FLH-u3cdXoDn2o99&index=1


Fear-Not Knowing

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My writer’s group has been discussing Leslie Leyland Fields’ blog post entitled “The 7-Fears of Every Writing Project.” Point Five is of particular interest to me. 5. Fear Not!—-That you don’t know where your novel, trilogy, even your memoir is headed. No one you know informs you of the outcome of their lives, do they? [...]


Is There Really Only One Story?

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From “Avatar” to “The Wizard of Oz” to “Jurassic Park” is there really only one form of dramatic storytelling? John York takes this position at The Atlantic, where he quotes a 9-year old child: A family are looking forward to going on holiday. Mom has to sacrifice the holiday in order to pay the rent. [...]