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Daybreak In The Garden Of Good And Evil – John Taylor Ewing

This is a non-fiction book about life; about dreams; about happiness. We dream of a perfect, happy life. So what is a perfect, happy life? And how do we get it? I journeyed far and long to find the answers. Eight years later I returned with them. This book will take you on that same journey. You will climb a mountain and hike serpentine trails. You will journey to newfound land through postcard territory. You will discover the two winds that traverse the universe. You will do time travel, and space travel, and world travel, and uncover a major conspiracy. You will be prospecting, and dream weaving, and measuring the height of your sky. You will beware the circling demons, discover your emotional compass, and learn of the darkest hour just before daybreak. You will experience an eerie quiet, then discover its prevailing wind. You will meet your inner savant, and your higher self, and the talking head, and Ochwiay and Sawoni. You will hike the Knife Edge to a great promontory. By book’s-end you too will have the answers. They will not be what you might expect. Expect the unexpected. Life is a journey, not a destination.

For an introduction to this book, and Chapter 1, please visit my website @ JohnTaylorEwing.Com. Thanks!

Kimberly Smith, KMSmithWrites.com, Jacksonville, Florida
John Ewing’s Daybreak in the Garden of Good and Evil is that rare gem that synthesizes age-old wisdom and modern thought, then adds a fresh and intriguing point of view. Its relevance is timeless, posing and exploring eternal questions about good, evil, and our evolving philosophies toward each.

Deborrah Hoag, TheRightEditor.com, Jacksonville, Florida
After I made an editing presentation at a Florida writer’s group conference, John contacted me to both copyedit and critique his book. I was immediately drawn into his fascinating journey to discover himself and life. I was equally fascinated by how he manifested his beautiful cover painting by applying his own principles. As his journey unfolded, he was also discovering us. His journey became our journey. We can now sit back and read in a few hours what it took John years to piece together. His journey takes us in and out of The Garden of Eden, and into a world of good and evil. He guides us along his philosophy highway from which we might form our own philosophy. He gives us critical information as well as essential facts of life we must acknowledge and assimilate before we continue our own journey. He helps us weave dreams and overcome obstacles along the way. And his story is sprinkled skillfully with wit and personal anecdotes in a style and with information that is timeless and inspiring. This book is unique — a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It dissolves national borders and becomes a book for the planet. It is truly a must-read treasure for all.

Emily Carmain, NoteworthyEditing.com, Jacksonville, Florida
The brevity of John’s book is trumped only by its thoroughness. In 75 pages, John has gifted us a primer for life, starting with the two forces at work in the universe. It is not a quick read. As he states in his introduction, you will be reading about yourself. I found that to be the case, as I would get caught up in the topics, stopping and pondering each before I could move forward. He takes a strikingly original approach to perennial topics, like his fascinating and realistic take on the Law of Attraction. I was intrigued by several sections, such as the one on hiking the Appalachian Trail, how the experience parallels the realities of off-trail life. The entire book is a presentation of John’s thought-provoking personal philosophy that he said he “scoured from the bones”. He said, “It seemed I was going against the grain of society, but I had to face my truth nevertheless.” He took a stand, and he backs it up. Readers, in turn, will find the opportunity to explore and take their own stands.