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Books designed and formatted by John E. Simmons

Books I’ve designed and formatted for other authors.

Music Is My Ticket – Bill Prince and Victor DiGenti thumbnail

Tracking the musical journey of Bill Prince could keep a family of mapmakers busy for years. This master musician has traveled and performed in all 50 U.S. states and in 81 countries. He has walked the historic streets of Europe, the dirt pathways of South African villages, and sailed the oceans, performing his unique multi-instrumentalist [...]

The Twelfth of Never – Carolee Ackerson Bertisch thumbnail

Carolee Bertisch is a long published author who has just published a new volume of poems and paintings – The Twelfth of Never. She was Writing Coordinator for the Rye Neck School District in New York, and now lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. There she leads two book discussion groups and participates in A [...]

Treacherous Beauties

Annabelle’s brother is dead and buried, with no reason to haunt her dreams and beg her to do…what? Maybe visiting the treacherous gorge where he died will quiet his spirit. Incognito, she retraces his steps and meets the man who purportedly murdered Alan. Jason’s earthy masculinity attracts her, and she’s convinced he’s no killer. But [...]

We Were Amateur Soldiers – Martin Olsen and Vic DiGenti thumbnail

Of the 16 million Americans who served their country during World War II, fewer than 900,000 still survive. Martin Olsen is one of the survivors, and he has a story to tell. It blends the history of a generation that was born during the Great Depression, fought and won a world war, and went on [...]

Real Men Play Fantasy Football – John P. O’Brien thumbnail

The close relationship between Chris Schmidt and his older brother, Otto, goes awry during the Protagonist’s third year in college, where they are roommates at college. Otto, a star football quarterback, is addicted to pain pills because of a neck injury, but refuses to have neck surgery until he achieves his dream of playing pro-ball. [...]

Let’s Go Pirating

Where pirates roam there is no peace! Time travelers Luke, Griffin and Zach ride their magic train back in time to coastal North Carolina and meet up with rogues such as Blackbeard and “Gentleman” Stede Bonnet who are striking fear into the hearts of sailors and landlubbers alike. A great book to learn history and [...]

If God Isn’t Merciful, We’re All screwed

The Rev. J. Perry Smith is a Vietnam combat veteran, former CIA Case Officer, retired FBI Agent and now… an Episcopal priest. This amalgam of experience gives him a unique insight into the human condition, and it enriches his story telling. These “very short stories,” as he likes to call them, are alive with humor, [...]

Al’s Secrets

Al Chanthalak is one of the new stars in Sushi. He and his partners operate Tomo’s of Jacksonville Beach to great public acclaim. Al now shares recipies for great sushi at home. <center? teds woodworking plans review