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Ansco 115 Glycin Hydroquinone Photographic Paper Developer

FormulasThis is a warm-tone developer suitable for Cykon, Cykora, Indiatone, Brovira and similar papers.


Hot Water (125F or 52C) 750 ml
Sodium Sulfite, anhydrous 90 g
Sodium Carbonate, monohydrated 150 g
Glycin 30 g
Hydroquinone 9.5 g
Potassium Bromide 4 g
Water to make 1 L


For warm tones, dilute 1 part stock solution with 3 parts water and develop prints 2 1/2 to 3 minutes at 68F (20C).


For very warm tones and more open shadows, especially with Cykora, dilute 1 part stock solution with 6 parts water, giving prints 3 to 4 times normal exposure and 2 1/2 to 3 minutes development. Because of dilution of the developer, solution will exhaust more rapidly and will require more frequent replacement.


From Ansco Formulas for Black and White Film by GAF, 1948 – Formulas are provided for historical reference. They may not work well with modern films and papers. Some of the chemicals can be dangerous. As with all photographic processes, be careful.

(Ed note – at the time of posting, these papers are no longer available. Modern papers seem less flexible with it comes to tone variations from developers, though the idea of more open shadows is intriguing.)