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Ansco 130 Universal Photographic Paper Developer

FormulasThis formula is a universal developer for all projection and contact papers. It gives rich black tomes with excellent brilliance and detail. Ansco 130 provides unusual lattitude in development and is clean-working even with long developing times.


Stock solution

Hot Water (125F or 52C) 750 ml
Metol 2.2 g
Sodium Solfite, anhydrous 50 g
Hydroquinone 11 g
Sodium Carbonate, monohydrated 78 g
Potassium Bromide 5.5 g
Glycin 11 g
Water to make 1 L


The prepared soick solution is clear but slightly colored. The coloration in this case does not indicate the developer has deteriorated or is unfit for use.


For use, dilute 1 part stock solution with 1 part water.


Normal developing time at 68F (20C) for Brovira, 2 to 6 minutes, for Convira, Cykon, Cykora and Indiatone, 1 1/2 to 3 minutes.


Greater contrast can be obtained by using the developer stocker solution full strength. Softer results can be obtained by dilution 1 part stock solution with 2 parts water.


(Ed. Note – While the papers mentioned are long gone, this developer still works well with modern papers. Most folks mix it, then dilute 1:1 and store that as their working solution. Many report it keeping nearly a year in glass bottles. Thus, it’s very economical. Also. Some folks use it diluter 1:10 or so as a film developer.)

From Ansco Formulas for Black and White Film by GAF, 1948 – Formulas are provided for historical reference. They may not work well with modern films and papers. Some of the chemicals can be dangerous. As with all photographic processes, be careful.