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Ansco 17M – Fine-Grain Metaborate Tank Developer

FormulasThis formula is similar to Ansco 17 but due to the use of sodium metaborate as the alkali, permits greater variation in developing time.


Hot water (125F or 52C) 750cc (ml)
Metol 1.5 g
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 80 g
Hydroquinone 3 g
Sodium Metaborate 2 g
Potassium Bromide 0.5 g
Water to make 1 L


Do not dilute for use.

Developing time at 68F (20C) 10 to 15 minutes for fine-grain films.

Larger amounts of metaborate may be used with corresponding reduction of developing time (up to 10 grams of metaborate per liter with a developing time of 5 minutes at 68F) although slightly coarser grain size will then be obtained.


From Ansco Formulas for Black and White Film by GAF, 1948