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Ansco 201 Acid Hardening Photographic Fixer

FormulasThis hardening fixing bath for use with either film or paper may be stored indefinitely and used repeatedly until exhausted. If the fixing bath froths, turns cloudy, or takes longer than 10 minutes to fix our completely, it must be replaced by a fresh solution.


Solution 1

Hot Water (125F or 52C) 500 ml
Sodium Thiosulfate 240 g


Solution 2

Hot Water (125F or 52C) 150 ml
Sodium Sulfite, anhydrous 15 g
Acetic Acid (28%) 45 ml
Potassium Alum 15 g
Add solution two to one and add water to make 1 L


Dissolve chemicals throughly in order given and stir rapidly while adding Solution 2 to Solution 1. Glacial acetic acid may be diluted to 28% concentration by adding 3 parts of acid to 8 parts of water. Do not dilute for use. Normal fixing time 5 to 10 minutes at 68F (20C).


From Ansco Formulas for Black and White Film by GAF, 1948 – Formulas are provided for historical reference. They may not work well with modern films and papers. Some of the chemicals can be dangerous. As with all photographic processes, be careful.