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The Legend of Abigail Rose – Elsie H. Carr

Abigail Rose Hart was born into the twentieth century, but it was the wrong century. A Victorian lady at heart, she dreamed of the lifestyle, legends, customs, challenges and adversities of the 1800s.

Move into the place – smell the smoke – feel the flames and suffer Abby’s panic. “Come home” the voices call to her, “come home….” Then, “nothing left but the ashes,” the fireman uttered with sadness to her distraught husband.

You will step into another era to live her dreams, immersing yourself into the unforgettable journey as she traverses two centuries. Witness despair and hopelessness transform into glorious new beginnings as you step inside those unfortunates’ lives, that will be forever changed by one woman – Rose Bouchette’.

With grand visions that change three families’ lives as they converge, she lives the life to which she was destined. Unexpected twists and turns, and clues left behind guide the reader to discover “who she was” and “why she was.”

Follow the dress….