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The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain – Cheryl B. Dale

Warwicks of Slumber Mountain

Lindy, almost eighteen, hears Voices from distressed animals that others don’t. But she isn’t crazy. She’s a . After fleeing her stepfather’s abuse, she lives with her grandmother at the bottom of Slumber Mountain owned by the wealthy Warwicks. Scattered throughout the world, clan members drift in and out of the mountaintop mansion like wraiths. People say they’re different. Maybe even witches. Cross them and your children sicken, your garden withers, your dog dies. Lindy avoids them until one night her Voice makes her rescue Gareth Warwick from drowning. When she takes him to the mansion, his aunt plies her with tea that brings weird dreams. In them his aunt proposes a trade: Lindy will receive fame and fortune in return for loaning her soul to the Warwicks. They need her clairaudient ability to communicate with Slumber Mountain. It’s wrong to give away her soul, but Lindy wants desperately to be like other people, untainted by her past. Maybe if she’s successful, someone like Gareth can love her. In an erotic twist, Gareth takes her into the heart of the mountain and brings her back to seal the bargain. But she’s dreaming. And it’s only a loan. She’s not really giving away her soul. Is she?