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Windrusher – Victor DiGenti

“I literally couldn’t put it down—it is so beautifully written.”
~ Betty White, actress and animal lover

“Touching, mystical, completely engrossing. Windrusher’s great adventure belongs with the animal classics.”
~ Linda Stewart, author of the Sam the Cat Mystery series

When the Tremble family moves from Connecticut to Florida, they leave behind one family member who isn’t about to take it lying down. He was only a cat, but Windrusher is determined to find his family and sets off on a perilous journey filled with surprise and discovery. Enter the mystical world of cats, a world where dreams and reality come together and legendary cat gods walk side by side with a chosen few. Windrusher has been called a “magical tale filled with wonder and suspense.” Cat lovers will never look at their cats the same as before after reading Windrusher’s adventurous tale.