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A Glimmer of Hope – Beth Davis

Luke Rosentino and Claire Bennett are professors at a small southern university. They meet at a time when both their lives are being turned upside down by fate. Claire’s marriage is ending after she finds her husband to be unfaithful. At the same time, Luke’s daughter comes to live with him after her mother’s death. Claire’s husband, Dennis, is struggling with his own demons and decides to kidnap Luke’s daughter with the help of his former lover, Becky. However, Becky has secrets of her own that could jeopardize Dennis’ plan. Police and FBI must intervene before Dennis’ murderous rage shatters all possible glimmers of hope. “A Glimmer of Hope” is a taut, suspense-filled story about anger, jealousy, new beginnings, love, marriage and family relationships. It’s about the choices that we make and how they affect the people around us.