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I’ve decided to try writing on substack.  My latest post, Tuesday Talks – This and That, is here.  

Music Is My Ticket – Bill Prince and Victor DiGenti thumbnail

Tracking the musical journey of Bill Prince could keep a family of mapmakers busy for years. This master musician has traveled and performed in all 50 U.S. states and in 81 countries. He has walked the historic streets of Europe, the dirt pathways of South African villages, and sailed the oceans, performing his unique multi-instrumentalist [...]

Damn, just damn. Dru Lombar passes away. thumbnail

Last week, I mentioned Dru Lombar. This piece about his death was first written for the JaxBeachJournal in 2005. Dru Lombar passes away. I’ve been bummed for a week – not really depressed, just feeling low. I thought it must be because of New Orleans, but I really felt that the sadness was closer than [...]

The Macon-Jacksonville Music Connection was originally written for The JaxBeachJournal back in 2002. The cities of Macon and Jacksonville linked to create a musical genre – Southern Rock. Macon’s place in the history of Rock ‘n Roll music is solid. After all, the city fathers (and mothers) could get away with promoting it as the [...]

For Sale – Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer thumbnail For Sale – Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer post image

For sale is a Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer.  It was one of the sounds of the 80s and early 90s.  Listen to an episode of Miami Vice and you hear it constantly.  It is unique in having three, rather than two, mod wheels. This one is in good shape.  It has been in storage for a [...]

The Coastal Brass Choir will perform Thursday, February 18 at Darien, Georgia’s St. Andrews Episcopal Church.  The program will be a mix from Garibaldi to jazz. Admission is free. Hope to see you there.  

For sale, Conn 4h from 1947 according to serial number, silver plate, gold wash bell.  As shown in the photos, there are small dents in the bell section (almost unphotographable), dents in the tuning slide (don’t affect operation), and wear on the main slide.  I don’t know how to give the slide a rating number, [...]

Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim would have been 89-years old today.  He combined the influences of Heitor Villa-Lobos with interesting chord progressions, haunting melodies and the popular rhythms of Brazil to become one of the great composers of the 20th century. Here he is rehearsing at home with his band, Banda Nova – Simone Caymii, Maucha [...]