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Choosing a New Operating System thumbnail

After deciding to look away from Windows and Mac, I had to pick an operating system. Which one to choose? Berkeley Software Distribution – BSD I originally thought I’d get a version of BSD. What’s that? Back in the 70s AT&T developed the UNIX operating system (the basis for most all operating systems now). They [...]

Building A Writing Computer thumbnail

A few days ago I turned on my laptop to begin a writing session and was greeted with a pop-up from Microsoft telling me I needed to do a Windows update. I punched go and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Two and a half hours later the computer finally finished downloading and updating [...]

Writing blurbs thumbnail

Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin tells us about writing blurbs – and particularly how to avoid writing bad ones. Anyway, I thought we’d take a break from the interviews to talk blurbs.  Every time I link books for our book plug I come across blurbs that make me want to crawl away backward. I am [...]

Getting in Gear for the New Year thumbnail

At the end of the year, it’s time for new resolutions such as setting daily word goals and getting organized. Here are some tips for organization. 1. Download and use Scrivener. It’s advertised as a manuscript and script writing tool to replace your various word processors. The software is much more. It works for blog [...]

Book Promotion

Nina Amir has written an interesting book – How To Blog A Book. She begins with basics about blogging, but then goes into how to make what amounts to a business plan for your book. She shows you the basics of market testing and how to write a book to your market. Then you write [...]

A Wrong Way To Promote thumbnail

One good way to promote your books is to go to book clubs and meet the author events.  I attended one recently at a local library , and watched the author try to set up a multimedia presentation.  The author used the library provided projector and screen, but a problem arose with the computer.  At [...]

What does an independent writer do every day?  Amazon shares this video with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8saLenIWOY&list=PLE1Y2pbwRpkgHsia2FLH-u3cdXoDn2o99&index=1

Fear-Not Knowing thumbnail

My writer’s group has been discussing Leslie Leyland Fields’ blog post entitled “The 7-Fears of Every Writing Project.” Point Five is of particular interest to me. 5. Fear Not!—-That you don’t know where your novel, trilogy, even your memoir is headed. No one you know informs you of the outcome of their lives, do they? [...]