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Sold- Conn 10J tuba for sale thumbnail

For sale is a 1967 Conn 10J tuba – 3 upright valves, BBb.  It was clearly a former school band instrument and bears the dents and signs of bell repair from its past.  Despite the dents and half dozen one-inch bell cracks, it plays pretty well. I’m selling because I injured my arm in an [...]

For Sale – Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer thumbnail For Sale – Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer post image

For sale is a Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer.  It was one of the sounds of the 80s and early 90s.  Listen to an episode of Miami Vice and you hear it constantly.  It is unique in having three, rather than two, mod wheels. This one is in good shape.  It has been in storage for a [...]

For sale – one Edwards 1147CF bell – among Edwards’ most popular.  It is red brass, soldered rim, tempered, double buffed and CF treated with a 9 1/2″ bell. No dents, perhaps some mute marks.  There are spots of lacquer discoloration and some scratches that are shown in the photos. A new one is $900 [...]

For sale – a genuine Anvil case.  It was painted white to keep down interior heat and to make it look like less valuable stuff is inside. Outside dimensions are 26.5 inches x 18 inches high x 12 inches deep. I used it to carry an 8×10 view camera with plenty of room to spare, [...]