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Is There Really Only One Story? thumbnail

From “Avatar” to “The Wizard of Oz” to “Jurassic Park” is there really only one form of dramatic storytelling? John York takes this position at The Atlantic, where he quotes a 9-year old child: A family are looking forward to going on holiday. Mom has to sacrifice the holiday in order to pay the rent. [...]

Amazon is offering a new service called Kindle Scout.  Here is the letter from the company.  We’ll keep an eye on this. We believe authors thrive with options. In addition to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon is pleased to offer Kindle Scout, a reader-powered publishing program for new, never-before-published books. Jump-start your book and potentially [...]

Amazon announced on its Kindle forum why it thinks books from major publishers should cost $9.99.  It wants 35% to go to the author, 35% to the publisher and 30% to go to Amazon. Presently, authors earn some 12-15% after advances and other contract expenses are paid. Here’s Amazon’s reasoning: With this update, we’re providing [...]

Author Tracy Sharp enrolls all of her books in KDP select, and she says giving away her books has helped a lot.  She uses Ebook Booster and Author’s Marketing Club to publicize her work.  Ebook booster charges for its service, and Authors Marketing Club is a listing of sites that will promote your book.  Each [...]

Amazon has announced a new subscription service called Kindle Unlimited.  Here’s the company’s announcement email: Hello, Today we are excited to introduce Kindle Unlimited–a new subscription service for readers in the U.S. and a new revenue opportunity for authors enrolled in KDP Select. With Kindle Unlimited, customers will be able to read as many book [...]

Iain Rob Wright is a horror and suspense writer in the UK.  Go here to visit his website. He is a full-time writer with a number of books published, and several are being adapted to screenplays and graphic novels.  He was recently interviewed and has some ideas about marketing. You should do everything you can [...]

Patrick Brown, Director of Author Marketing at Goodreads, has some suggestions for using his company to promote your book. At Goodreads, we’re constantly looking at how authors are using both our site and others to their advantage. There are certainly some tried and true methods, even in the wild world of ebooks. The main obstacle [...]

Marketing is very important for book sales, but how does one go about it?  Here are some ideas I’ve gleaned from the net. 1. Personal appearances.  One author of an ecookbook gave cooking demonstrations and sent out news releases to local media beforehand. 2. Another author did a ten-day blog tour, and promoted the tour [...]