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How To Blog A Book – Nina Amir

SandwichBoardInsertNina Amir has written an interesting book – How To Blog A Book. She begins with basics about blogging, but then goes into how to make what amounts to a business plan for your book. She shows you the basics of market testing and how to write a book to your market. Then you write it one post at a time.  She also discusses promotion of both the blog and the book.

Here’s her blurb on Amazon:

Transform Your Blog into a Book!The world of blogging changes rapidly, but it remains one of the most efficient ways to share your work with an eager audience. In fact, you can purposefully hone your blog content into a uniquely positioned book–one that agents and publishers will want to acquire or that you can self-publish successfully.

“How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition” is a completely updated guide to writing and publishing a saleable book based on a blog. Expert author and blogger Nina Amir guides you through the process of developing targeted blog content that increases your chances of attracting a publisher and maximizing your visibility and authority as an author.

In this revised edition you’ll find:


  • The latest information on how to set up, maintain, and optimize a blog
  • Steps for writing a book easily using blog posts
  • Advice for crafting effective, compelling blog posts
  • Tips on gaining visibility and promoting your work both online and off
  • Current tools for driving traffic to your blog
  • Strategies for monetizing your existing blog content as a book or other products
  • Profiles of bloggers who received blog-to-book deals and four new “blogged-book” success

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or have never blogged before, “How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition” offers a fun, effective way to write, publish, and promote your book, one post at a time.


I think it’s worth considering – particularly for non-fiction. You can buy it through the link below.