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Ansco 48M Metaborate Film Developer

FormulasThis formula is recommended for photofinishing, professional, and amateur film development and is suitable for deep tank use over a long period of time.


Hot Water (125F or 52C) 750 ml
Metol 2 g
Sodium Sulfite, anhydrous 40 g
Hydroquinone 1.5 g
Sodium Metaborate 10 g
Potassium Bromide 0.5 g
Water to make 1 L


Do not dilute for use.


TANK DEVELOPMENT: Normal developing time 5 to 7 minutes at 68F (20C).

TRAY DEVELOPMENT: Normal developing time 4 to 6 minutes at 68F (20C).


These developing times apply to Ansco portrait, press and commercial films and to all Ansco roll and pack films.


From Ansco Formulas for Black and White Film by GAF, 1948