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Music Is My Ticket – Bill Prince and Victor DiGenti

Music Is My Ticket

Tracking the musical journey of Bill Prince could keep a family of mapmakers busy for years. This master musician has traveled and performed in all 50 U.S. states and in 81 countries. He has walked the historic streets of Europe, the dirt pathways of South African villages, and sailed the oceans, performing his unique multi-instrumentalist show on multiple cruise ships. Music Is My Ticket touches on historic events like the Cuban Missile Crisis, while providing insights into the music and musicians he played with—the famous and not-so-famous personalities he met during a remarkable career.

Bill formed strong bonds with many musicians, former students, and fellow teachers over the years, and you’ll hear from some of them. Their shared memories add insights into a life rooted in music, describing Bill Prince as a once-in-a-generation talent. From the time he picked up his first trumpet at the age of eight, writing his first arrangement in junior high school, to performing with celebrated big bands and performers, Bill’s musical gifts took him places he could only dream about.

No need to pack your bags to accompany Bill Prince on his musical journey, but hang on tight and enjoy the life story of a joyful traveler who made his mark on the world of music.

“When I first watched Bill Prince play, he blew my mind out. Not only did he play every instrument that he had on stage, he played each one as though it was his major. Personally, I had never heard any musician play with such artistry and confidence.”
Bobby Herriott, former Assistant Bandleader, NORAD Band

“I learned to appreciate Bill’s love for travel and how much one could grow as a person by being on the road. I was in the thick of greatness thanks to Bill and as the years roll by, I look back now to see how really fortunate I was to experience jazz education and performance at its very best.”
Mike Rossi, former Bill Prince student and Professor in jazz and woodwinds at the South African College of Music, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Bill’s book is available from Amazon by clicking this link.