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Feature Writing

The Macon-Jacksonville Music Connection was originally written for The JaxBeachJournal back in 2002. The cities of Macon and Jacksonville linked to create a musical genre – Southern Rock. Macon’s place in the history of Rock ‘n Roll music is solid. After all, the city fathers (and mothers) could get away with promoting it as the [...]

Remembering Sidney Lanier thumbnail

Lanier -Poet, Musician, Soldier Members of the Coastal Photographers Guild are exhibiting photographs honoring the life of Sidney Lanier at The Horton Gallery – Southeast Georgia Health Systems in Brunswick for the month of January. Lanier was born in Macon, Georgia at the cottage I photographed above.  He died in North Carolina in 1881 at [...]

Barack Obama took office without a stumble, except for that oath of office.  Just after World War II, the State of Georgia saw a much more difficult transition. The November 1946 election for governor saw the people of Georgia do what they’d done three times previously – elect the red suspenders wearing Gene Talmadge to [...]

Weathermen will tell you a hurricane hit the coast of North Carolina in 1876, but the people in the small town of Swanquarter say it was a blessing from God. Swanquarter lies on the coast of the Tarheel State. It’s so small it’s unincorporated – the only unincorporated county seat in America. Swanquarter’s people have [...]

Genealogy is hot on the First Coast Some folks trace their ancestors using traditional methods and some are turning to the Internet. “My great-grandfather was Mayor of Jacksonville Beach,” says Sue Ann Sanders. “He built the golf course called, at the time, Jacksonville Beach Golf Links. It was later changed to Ponte Vedra Country Club.” [...]

We all knew it was coming.  Last year he broadcast only home games – this year, he called Georgia’s first two games and sounded gassed by the 4th quarter in each.  Larry Munson,  the Voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, retired overnight. He will be 86 years on on Saturday. Larry began calling the games on [...]

Parents at the Beaches will soon have a special place to take their children during the day. Cambridge Prep School is opening a new preschool and day care in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Cambridge’s owner, Eve Kratsas, says the school is designed for professional parents needing a full day’s childcare combined with one of the best preschool programs available today. They teach children in three age groups: 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and 4 and 5-year-olds.

“Hit the ball, Red. Hit the ball.” “Level swing. Level swing.” Dugout chatter is the same from little leagues to major leagues, and it also livens up college women’s softball. While the game is often played on recreation department fields rather than on campus, it is quickly gaining popularity across Georgia. More than 200 fans [...]