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If God Isn’t Merciful, We’re All Screwed – J. Perry Smith

If God Isn't Merciful We're All Screwed

The Rev. J. Perry Smith is a Vietnam combat veteran, former CIA Case Officer, retired FBI Agent and now… an Episcopal priest. This amalgam of experience gives him a unique insight into the human condition, and it enriches his story telling. These “very short stories,” as he likes to call them, are alive with humor, drama and authenticity.

John and the Cat will certainly anger cat lovers, but the cat survives its ordeal in good condition.

The Boss’ Wife, a sexual adventure, is a thriller that is riddled with the potential for disaster. The ending surprises and makes one wonder, “What would I have done?”

Molly delights because we see a dying woman in her 80s who never surrenders to the will of others. She fights for her right to die as she wishes. She never loses her dignity, humor or resolve. And we love her for it.

Betty’s Gift is mystical and scary. Betty’s spiritual gift of discerning evil brings to life events that many of us experience, but rarely talk about for fear of being labeled a “religious nut or hysteric.” Betty saves people from bad choices.

Five other very readable and charming stories and one essay complete the book.

If God Is Not Merciful, We’re All Screwed is a must read. Smith writes to delight, infuriate and mystify. And he delivers!

Dear Fr. Perry,
“Your ‘Houses of Worship’ column in today’s Journal was excellent! Bravo! I wish every priest in this archdiocese would take your message to heart. I look forwarding to reading your book.”
Faithfully in Christ, +TMCD. 09.14.14
His Eminence
Timothy Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York