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Imagine Your Dream, Live It Now – John Taylor Ewing

Imagine Your Dream

IMAGINE presents the entire scope of life, then drills it down to yours. It takes the vast, blooming confusion of life, breaks it down, and makes it simple. It is a foundation to build on. It is a primer, a blueprint for life, but not of the predictable kind. You will read things you have never read before.

IMAGINE is about dreams, about happiness, our fundamental goal in life. So what would that be? And how do we get it? IMAGINE will take you on a journey of discovery to find the answers. Expect the unexpected.

Before you re-start your own journey, there are lesser-known facts of life that need be acknowledged and assimilated now. Discover the two forces at work in the Universe. The one you embrace will control your destiny. Discover the Pleasure Principle; and the psychology of pleasure, a crucial concept; and the Law of Change; the Reality Principle; the Principle of Opposites; the default force; the eerie quiet; the…

We have a set of primary needs that are universal to all, that demand satisfaction first to ensure physical and mental survival. But when they are appeased we are released to pursue secondary dreams, the pleasure beckoning, the greater bliss.

We have climbed the mountain of life satisfying this maze of needs and dreams. We are looking out from a great promontory; the view is beautiful. Would this be Utopia? Live happily ever after? Discover what happiness is, and what it is not.

We have an underlying belief system. What we believe establishes our character, and our state of mind, and our vision. IMAGINE is a philosophy highway that presents this author’s beliefs. It has many forks, each calling for a decision, whether to take my fork, or yours. Expect to be tested.

There are two processes to achieve goals. The first is attraction. We get what we think about. It is a law of Nature, absolute and eternal, like gravity. It is the great shortcut to accomplishment, depending on how we use it. And herein lies a concern. We can live happily ever after, depending on what we are after.

So what are we after? IMAGINE will impart specific knowledge of what to seek and what to avoid. You will learn of the treadmill, the thousand faces, the Pygmalion Complex, your top priority, the…

Discover exactly how to do the work of attraction; easily. You will meet the 3%, the plunger, your uncomfortable zone, your destiny zone, and your 6th sense. You will be measuring the height of your sky, reverse dream weaving, …

IMAGINE is a primer for action, the second process; what to do, and what not to do. It takes motivation to act, but you only need enough to do one simple thing. You will discover your critical path, your serpentine path, the hardest rule, its simplest solution, the feedback loop, the common denominator of success, the…

Sometimes, it takes a long time, to come a long way. And the results might not be as expected. The essence of what we seek might require different results, and they will manifest accordingly. So prepare for the unexpected. Every dream has its darkest hour, just before daybreak. But that is a sign. Of what?