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Read This and Smile – Dan Althoff

Here is a farrago of wit, humor and whimsy for the literate. Perhaps you share the author’s enchantment with the lyrical quality of words. This quality is best educed by rymes (reformed spelling). However, rymes alone are not enough. They must have something clever and entertaining to say. The author has labored to fulfill that requirement.
There are things in the book besides rymes. There are the mischievous mentations of the author, which do not fit any descriptive category. For example, did you know that a preposition has the same number of calories as a conjunction? Has anyone else ever asked what happened to the wheels on the Egyptian pyramids? Someone has to think of these things, and more.
Have you been writing all of your life without the poetic license? Have you actually been writing illegally? For shame! Here is your redemption! You will find your very own, personal copy presented to you, which is irrevocable.
There are commentaries on persons who were remarkable for their manipulation of words, with examples.
If you have an interest in making rymes for poems or doggerel, there is a section on techniques which you will find helpful.
There is a kinship among word lovers, which is not sufficiently cherished and encouraged.