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Underwood Noiseless 77 – 621423 (1933)

My Underwood Noiseless 77 is serial number 621423 and is from 1933 – only two years after Remington began to make them for Underwood.

When I found this typewriter, it had obviously been in a wet place – a basement perhaps? The leatherette on the case is pulling away in many places.  The typewriter itself had numerous small rust spots underneath.  Thankfully I found it before the rusting had done real damage.

The primary problem was the drawstring (the string that pulls the carriage along as you type) had broken.  It’s always a problem to find a suitable material. Some folks have used the cords from mini-blinds, some use nylon cord, and some have even suggested using gut violin strings.  On this machine I’ve tried a non-stretch fishing line.  Only use will determine if it holds to it’s non-stretch claim.