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Alligator In The Living Room – David Pitts

I’ve always loved short stories. Reading them. Writing them. If you asked me who my favorite authors are I’d have a different answer every day.

However, as to story, I do have a preference. I like stories about real life. I’m not much into science fiction or horror or witches and vampires.

My stories, the ones in this book, are heavily based on my own life. Of course they’re fiction. Except for “Cork Caper” which is pretty much exactly the way it happened. I guess I could say the same for “My Sexual Perversion Started At Sears.”

I was born in the port city of Jacksonville and lived there until I was seventeen. My adult life has been spent in the port cities of Chicago and New York.

Now, I’m back in Florida, in St. Augustine. I guess I like being near large bodies of water.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories.