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Building A Writing Computer thumbnail

A few days ago I turned on my laptop to begin a writing session and was greeted with a pop-up from Microsoft telling me I needed to do a Windows update. I punched go and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Two and a half hours later the computer finally finished downloading and updating [...]

Writing blurbs thumbnail

Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin tells us about writing blurbs – and particularly how to avoid writing bad ones. Anyway, I thought we’d take a break from the interviews to talk blurbs.  Every time I link books for our book plug I come across blurbs that make me want to crawl away backward. I am [...]

Getting in Gear for the New Year thumbnail

At the end of the year, it’s time for new resolutions such as setting daily word goals and getting organized. Here are some tips for organization. 1. Download and use Scrivener. It’s advertised as a manuscript and script writing tool to replace your various word processors. The software is much more. It works for blog [...]

For Sale – Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer thumbnail

For sale is a Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer.  It was one of the sounds of the 80s and early 90s.  Listen to an episode of Miami Vice and you hear it constantly.  It is unique in having three, rather than two, mod wheels. This one is in good shape.  It has been in storage for a [...]


This solution is suitable for treatment of exposed films previous to development, to permit increased darkroom illumination and greater safety for film inspection during development.   Pinakryptol Green 1 g Water to make 500 ml   Note – Use of a 50/50 water-alcohol mixture for solution will improve the keeping qualities of the desensitizer.   [...]

Ansco 332 Chromium Intensifier thumbnail

This formula is recommended because it is convenient in use and gives permanent results. The degree and character of intensification can be controlled to an extent by modification of the developing time used for the redeveloper.   Potassium Bichromate 9 g Hydrochloric Acid 6 ml Water to make 1 L   Immerse negatives in this [...]


This reducer is useful for lessening the density and contrast of heavy negatives.   Solution 1 Ferricyanide 35 g Potassium Bromide 10 g Water to make 1 L   Bleach in Solution 1 and after through washing, redevelop to desired density and contrast in Ansco 47 or other negative developer except fine-grain developers. Then fix [...]


Richard Polt has collected a number of typewriter manuals from various sources, including this site.  After an email discussion we decided it would be a good thing to duplicate these manuals just in case something goes wrong online. Here is the manual for the Brother Wizard typewriter. brotherwizard