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I’ve decided to try writing on substack.  My latest post, Tuesday Talks – This and That, is here.  

The Cat and the abstract palm thumbnail

The Cat I decided to try photographing once more at The Tides Preserve in Atlantic Beach. As my last visit caused undue police attention to my 8×10 view camera, I decided to take a smaller one – a Mamiya RB67. That camera measured only 4x4x7 inches and could be carried by hand or mounted on [...]

The Tides Preserve and more police thumbnail

Tides Preserve On the south end of Atlantic Beach is the Tides Preserve. It sits in a small area of marsh between the town, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Boulevard high-rise bridge over the river. This preserve is set up as an educational area, with numerous trails, boardwalks and signs explaining the flora in [...]

Dutton Island and the police thumbnail

Dutton Island   I drove through the entrance to Dutton Island Preserve down a one-lane dirt road lined with palms, palmettos and no-parking signs. I crossed a wide concrete bridge, built to safely allow fishing from the span with vehicle traffic limited to its center. The span is about six-feet above high tide. On the [...]

Guana River and the hog thumbnail

Guana River, St. Johns County, Florida As the sun rose over the Atlantic, traffic backed up on the turn-off from Florida Highway A-1-A at what local folks call the Guana River dam. Cars pulled up to an unoccupied guard shack, and their drivers voluntarily took an envelope from a rack, tore off the admission ticket, [...]

Music Is My Ticket – Bill Prince and Victor DiGenti thumbnail

Tracking the musical journey of Bill Prince could keep a family of mapmakers busy for years. This master musician has traveled and performed in all 50 U.S. states and in 81 countries. He has walked the historic streets of Europe, the dirt pathways of South African villages, and sailed the oceans, performing his unique multi-instrumentalist [...]

The Twelfth of Never – Carolee Ackerson Bertisch thumbnail

Carolee Bertisch is a long published author who has just published a new volume of poems and paintings – The Twelfth of Never. She was Writing Coordinator for the Rye Neck School District in New York, and now lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. There she leads two book discussion groups and participates in A [...]

Choosing a New Operating System thumbnail

After deciding to look away from Windows and Mac, I had to pick an operating system. Which one to choose? Berkeley Software Distribution – BSD I originally thought I’d get a version of BSD. What’s that? Back in the 70s AT&T developed the UNIX operating system (the basis for most all operating systems now). They [...]