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Corona Model 4 – SCRM05609 (1928)

Corona continued it’s line of light-weight portable typewriters, producing the Model 4, which differed from the Model 3 mainly in that it did not fold for transport. The Model 4 was continued after the merger with L.C. Smith and until production was stopped in 1942 for the war.

The Corona 4 used Dupont’s Duco lacquer paint giving the typewriters a number of colors. This model is Light Maroon. It also has both of the ribbon covers, which are frequently missing.

The feet have collapsed so much, the keys bottom out on the bottom of the case or on the desktop.

It’s missing one key cover, and it has an unusual key next to the ; – it has a cent mark and a paragraph mark – and the insert under the key cover is different – as though it were typed rather than printed as the other keys are.

This one is Serial Number R5M05609 – meaning Light Maroon (R) September or October (5) 1928 (M).  It has pica type.