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Smith Corona developed a really portable machine for use on trains named appropriately, The Zephyr.  After the war, with the popularity of air travel, the small, lightweight typewriter was renamed The Skyriter. It came with a metal cover so it was very convenient to carry. This one was made in 1949 – about the time [...]

I found this Smith Corona Silent in a flea market outside Washington, North Carolina in 1989.  I had just moved to the city to work at WITN-TV, and needed a typewriter to write home to friends.  These were the final days before email. If you look closely at the keys, you’ll see some unusual ones [...]

Corona continued it’s line of light-weight portable typewriters, producing the Model 4, which differed from the Model 3 mainly in that it did not fold for transport. The Model 4 was continued after the merger with L.C. Smith and until production was stopped in 1942 for the war. The Corona 4 used Dupont’s Duco lacquer [...]