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Knights In White Latin – Michael R. Warren

When it comes to solving crime, Mambo Rameriz is a detective without a clue, or a theory – unless it’s the wrong one. Mambo’s world is one of political correctness on acid. It is a landscape filled with psychotronic devices, talking primates, virtual courtrooms, environmentally-friendly hybrid animals, sensitive bat-wielding thugs, politically correct sports commentators, computerized guns, geriatric scooter gangs and socially relevant games – like sightless kick-boxing, Kabuki hockey, and Fairball (which is a lot like baseball, only fairer).

And Mambo, with the assistance of his heavily-medicated friend, Floyd, his short-tempered sister, Ramona, and his girl friend, sexually repressed lawyer, Mona Hasselbaum, is perfectly suited to navigate the mean, and confusing, streets of this Utopian nightmare.