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Patriotic Gamble – Ken Gorman

Patriotic Gamble tells of a presidential election process gone haywire.

Despite winning the popular vote in reelection bid, the President’s certification in the Electoral College is uncertain. Intense deal-making, and violence, litter the political landscape–from Washington State and Montana to Tennessee and, of course, D.C.,and state capitols in between. Cody Manville, rich power broker, despises Steve Wagner, the Chief-of-Staff, and orchestrates a constitutional crisis. Chaos engulfs the House of Representatives. Wagner endures nerve-racking pressure, and gambles to conceal a secret about the President. Bizarre happenings electrify Inauguration Day with an unforseen climax.

Will Wagner choose the West Wing or reconciliation with his estranged wife? And face prosecution?

Patriotic Gamble - Ken Gorma

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