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Remington Noiseless – H101569 (1947)

This may be my favorite machine for practical typing use.  It has the same styling as the pre-war models, but it has that extra manufacturing quality that many post-war items seem to have.  I think manufacturers learned a lot making all of that war materiel. If only it came with that glossy black lacquer finish rather than the wrinkle paint.

This particular example was an eBay purchase – a whole dollar.  The case had been lost somewhere in its life, so it was shipped to me in a cardboard box with a little bubble wrap. The right hand platen knob shaft was bent, but a little judicious use of pliers fixed that.  It also lacked a spring that operates the space bar mechanism.  A trip to the hardware store found a spring that I was able to adapt.

With the installation of a new ribbon, this machine works perfectly.  As I said, it’s wrinkle paint finished and has pica type. Serial number H101569 makes it a 1947 model.