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This post-war Remington is branded Remington Rand on the paper tray. As with all the post-wars, it’s a model 7.  This one is serial number H152960, thus made in 1948, and has the black wrinkle finish and elite type.

This may be my favorite machine for practical typing use.  It has the same styling as the pre-war models, but it has that extra manufacturing quality that many post-war items seem to have.  I think manufacturers learned a lot making all of that war materiel. If only it came with that glossy black lacquer finish [...]

This is the post-war version of the Noiseless made by Remington for Underwood.  It’s the same as a Remington Model Seven. This one is serial number 1608039, but serial numbers on these Underwoods are useless for dating.

This is a Remington Deluxe Noiseless typewriter.  It’s supposed to be pre-war and essentially a Model 7 with a smaller paper table. It has the standard, wrinkled paint finish one would expect. I say supposed to be because the serial number doesn’t match.  It should be ND followed by six-digits.  This one is N1170170. No [...]

This one is a  pre-war Remington Noiseless portable made in 1937.  It’s a bit less fancy than the Model 7s, the paper tray is smaller and the carriage return/line fee is a folding, upright lever rather than the longer horizontal bar. This example is the black lacquer finish and it has pica type.

My Underwood Noiseless 77 is serial number 621423 and is from 1933 – only two years after Remington began to make them for Underwood. When I found this typewriter, it had obviously been in a wet place – a basement perhaps? The leatherette on the case is pulling away in many places.  The typewriter itself [...]

Remington made this model using a modified version of the noiseless mechanism. The mechanism looks at first glance like a regular noiseless machine, but when using it, the clatter from the typebars striking the platen is obvious.  The mechanism is adjusted for the typebars to strike like a normal typewriter does – the weights that [...]