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Books designed and formatted by John E. Simmons

It begins again! Skylee Porter thinks the worst is over. She has faced her greatest fear, the monstrous black-eyed Brinfrost and survived, with the help of Chrism, her shape-shifting sister. Sky even had the courage to finally admit her true feelings to Will. But something has changed. The three people she trusts the most are [...]

Reporter Day McKelvey checks out a house for sale and stumbles upon the dead body of a Real Estate agent, a former high school classmate. After a second murder occurs within St. Augustine’s real estate community, Day thinks she knows who the killer is, but can she prove her suspicions…or will the killer find her [...]

In Sandi Gordon’s Debut Novel, The Journal, you will join Maggie and Jilli on their path through death, family betrayal, and finally healing. You will enjoy the ride as each sister takes you further into the web of deceit spun around their family. </center

How could Jesus be crucified on Friday afternoon, lay in the grave three nights as recorded in the Bible, and rise and be walking around on the first day of the week, Sunday? This question, although asked many times, never seemed to be fully or satisfactorily answered for author Robert W. Mann. This study seeks [...]

When young Quint Mitchell reluctantly accompanies his family on a vacation to Dania Beach, Florida, he expects to be bored out of his mind. Instead, he and a ragtag gang of boys learn life can be both unpredictable and dangerous.

You probably hate them – those annual performance reviews.  What’s the best way to handle the situation?  Laura Mathewson guides you through and even helps you be polite.  

“Whether you’re an early career writer or an experienced veteran, DiGenti’s methodology will tickle your funny bone and sharpen your work. Guaranteed.” ~ Beverly G. Browning, Professional ghostwriter In this second in his series of “Crafty Writer’s Guides,” award-winning writer Vic DiGenti talks about how to craft compelling scenes and follows up with a strategic [...]

In these days when the term business ethics sometimes seems an oxymoron, Laura Mathewson shows how you should construct your personal ethics for success in the corporate world, as well as life.