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Books designed and formatted by John E. Simmons

Imagine Your Dreams

ALL OF LIFE IMAGINE presents the entire scope of life, then drills it down to yours. It takes the vast, blooming confusion of life, breaks it down, and makes it simple. It is a foundation to build on. It is a primer, a blueprint for life, but not of the predictable kind. You will read [...]

Hoosier Hospitality

Hoosier Hospitality was written to inspire, encourage and offer an insight into the joys of becoming involved in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry. It highlighted the road blocks and struggles I encountered to build the first Marriott Inn in America and the joys of managing and operating a hotel that hopefully brought as much [...]

The Warwicks of Slumber Mountain

Lindy, almost eighteen, hears Voices from distressed animals that others don’t. But she isn’t crazy. She’s a . After fleeing her stepfather’s abuse, she lives with her grandmother at the bottom of Slumber Mountain owned by the wealthy Warwicks. Scattered throughout the world, clan members drift in and out of the mountaintop mansion like wraiths. [...]

In my eyes never has their ever been 5000 acres on this earth that had more of a purposeful existence than The Sykes Place Plantation of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The reputation of the word plantation has been so misconstrued for years. The Sykes Place book brought new meaning to how the races can work [...]

Flying had always involved wings until North Georgia realtor Maria Sebastian took the most terrifying ride of her life on Silver Strutter. Maria intends to sell a horse farm to Donna Kelly. However, roadblocks of murder, drugs, her unfortunate cousin, probate, gold and stolen money have her baffled–for about fifteen minutes. She plows ahead, just [...]

Monk Monk & Me is a story about comfort, courage and connection. Grammy Beach has a special friend called a Comfort Critter, who helps her to be brave during her illness. She gives her grandchildren, Gracie and Trick, their own Comfort Critters to help them deal with the sadness they experience about the possibility of [...]

When her gambling sister loses her heirloom engagement ring to a man who adores redheads, Amanda dyes her hair red. The plan is to drug Cal, retrieve the ring, and save her sister’s marriage. Despite Cal’s caresses awakening a long-banished sexuality, Amanda escapes with the ring and virtue intact. Until he tracks her down. Cal [...]

Not Too Wild: Reflections on Completing a Through Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail Motivated by completing a thru-hike of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail at age 65, Michael draws from his often adventuresome life experiences to convey a motivational message to encourage others to tap into their desire, determination and dedication in order [...]